Do Bird Tattoos have a Meaning of any real Substance?

Bird tattoos are so popular because people love, and are fascinated by birds and their ability to fly. Birds are beautiful creatures and because they represent flight, they are the perfect 'coming-of-age' tattoo for anyone young or old. Bird tattoos can also symbolise freedom, adventure, spirit and travel.


Some of the most popular bird tattoos feature love birds, humming birds, swallows and eagles. More recently origami style bird tattoos have become more popular and it's not hard to see why, they have a unique look and are very much on-trend right now.


Also, if you want a design that is more colourful then what could be better than a colourful and beautiful bird tattoo?!

Bored yet? Because I am! Let's check out some Cool Bird Tattoos Designs

This anchor tattoo looks fab! Love the bracelet also
1 / 30
Cute anchor on the wrist - looks really pretty
2 / 30
This is great if you are looking for a style which is a bit more bold
3 / 30
Absolutely in love! Want this!
4 / 30
This looks really painful and again it's quite thick - quite like the style of this anchor though
5 / 30
This is cute, makes me think this person loves travelling for some reason.
6 / 30
Ok, can we just ignore the tattoo and focus on this cute kitty :)
7 / 30
This is the prettiest anchor tattoo I could find, looks beautiful and stylish
8 / 30
The ankle seems to be a popular placement and you can see why
9 / 30
I've always thought tattoos on the top of the foot look awesome. This is making me want to book in a tattoo
10 / 30
Super pretty, love this ink, and this outfit
11 / 30
This style works if you want a slightly bigger anchor tattoo
12 / 30
Quite a cute design and looks original which is always a plus
13 / 30
This is a nice design for anyone who only wants a tiny tattoo
14 / 30
Ahh, I like this style a lot, one of my favourites on the page
15 / 30
Wow. Super bold design. I love the placement, would look amazing matched with an all black outfit
16 / 30
Boom. Love! (the tattoo, not the beer!)
17 / 30
It's different to all of the others, very unique, looks ace
18 / 30
In love with this
19 / 30
Beautiful anchor on the wrist.. rockin' placement, cool tattoo
20 / 30
Another favourite, this would look gorgeous on any girl
21 / 30
Wrists are another popular placement for this style, looks stunning
22 / 30
Amazing design, personally I'd get this on the side of my ankle but this looks great nonetheless
23 / 30
Cuuutttteeee ;)
24 / 30
And this is how you match your anchor tattoo with your coat lining, top marks
25 / 30
Simple, subtle and sexy
26 / 30
I would like to see what this looks like in black *saves photo and uses black and white filter
27 / 30



Takeaway Tips

Anchor tattoos are a super cute style for girls.


Thin linework looks fab! Thick not so much (for me personally).


Behind your ear, wrist and ankle seem to be some of the most popular placements.